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7 Events That You Didn’t Know You Could Get Catering Services For

A girl who is in cap and gown at her graduation, as she prepares to go to her party which is catered for.

So Christmas is over, your birthday is not for another five months, and you don’t know anybody who is getting married any time soon. But no need to fret – there are all sorts of occasions for which you might want to throw a big celebration. And with lots to celebrate comes party foods and snacks! You don’t have to worry about cooking up a storm, though – a professional caterer can do it all.

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No matter the event, catering services near you will provide a delicious spread for any number of guests, so keep reading if you want to learn what type of events you actually can get professional caterers for…

Art Exhibitions

Art galleries or exhibition openings often include catering to enhance the overall experience for attendees. Think vegetables and dip, or elegant bowls of ice cream – nothing too crumbly!

Retirement Party

Many people choose to have a party to celebrate the end of their career and beginning of a new phase in their lives. Hiring a caterer to provide food for the occasion is often advised. Drinks and a barbecue might be a good choice here, warming, filling and relaxing.

You’re Better Party

When overcoming a long-term illness some people choose to celebrate with a party, or the friends and family of someone getting better may choose to surprise the individual with a party that can be catered. All types of food go!

Charity Fundraisers

Charity events, galas, or fundraising dinners often incorporate catering to provide a delightful dining experience for guests. Sandwich trays and cheese platters are a good choice for an event like this.

Sports Tournaments

Sporting events such as golf tournaments, tennis matches, or marathons often require catering for participants, sponsors, and attendees. Lots of drinks will be needed here, as well as high energy snacks both for the athletes and the viewers!

Conferences And Trade Shows

Large-scale conferences and trade shows often require catering services to provide meals, snacks, and beverages for attendees. Again, any type of food can work at an event like this!


Celebrate a major life achievement with your close friends and family – dig into pizza and beer or have a dessert extravaganza!

Get In Touch With Professional Caterers

Whether you are celebrating beating cancer, hosting your very own art show, or are in charge of setting up a busy conference meeting, there is a professional catering service out there for you. In fact, at Sadlergates this is our specialty! If you’d like to find out more about how we can help to make your special event run much more smoothly by taking the food matters off your plate (no pun intended!) give us a call on 01332 215 575 or fill out our enquiry form. We look forward

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