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5 Tips To Avoid Dietary Disasters At Your Next Event In Sheffield

When you are preparing for an important conference, an office party or even a small birthday celebration, the last thing you want to worry about is someone having a bad reaction to the food on offer. Many people have strict dietary requirements (not preferences) that they must adhere to at all times, and as the host it’s up to you to make sure that no one misses out. So how do you toe that fine line between ensuring everyone has something to eat but no one ends up falling horribly ill? Keep these 5 pointers in mind.

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1. First thing’s first – a successful event is one where everyone leaves satisfied and well-fed. No one should go hungry in the name of safety and a good catering service will make sure that everyone has something tasty to eat and no one goes without.

2. It’s estimated that up to 10% of the UK population have some allergies or sensitivities around food – some of these can be more dangerous than others. For example, while lactose intolerance may result in an upset stomach if milk products are consumed, nut allergies can cause reactions ranging from mild shortness of breath all the way up to anaphylaxis which can be potentially fatal. The laws around food allergy management are stricter than ever, so if you do not follow Natasha’s Law and other such legal requirements, you may open yourself up to a potential lawsuit.

Common danger points include any type of nut, fruits with large seeds such as peaches or avocados, and shellfish. You should also be mindful of issues surrounding gluten (whether that is mild intolerance or as severe as Coeliac Disease) and dairy.

3. You should always provide low sugar options for those who are diabetic or struggle with hypoglycemia.

4. Some guests may request that their food is Kosher or Halal due to religious reasons. There are also many dietary choices that are not due to medical necessity but are rather a matter of preference. Diets like these may include vegan and vegetarian, paleo or macrobiotic. Although these are diets of choice, they should be as respected as any other dietary request.

5. Plan your menu far in advance and keep dietary requirements as the top priority by asking your guests about their food requirements early. That gives you plenty of time to accommodate everyone.

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    We are caterers that understand allergy management and the importance of preventing cross-contamination. For an event that goes smoothly, outsource your meal requirements to the professionals. We service Nottingham, Derby and Leicester too, and we only offer the freshest local produce. If you would like us to cater your event then just send us an enquiry with at least 2 weeks’ notice and we will respond with a suggested plan. In the meantime, please browse our menu to see what stands out, or include in your enquiry any details of food preferences (and especially those all-important food requirements).

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