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5 Reasons To Choose A Summer Wedding

Choose a summer wedding by the beach for better weather and a colouful aisle

When you are planning a once-in-a-lifetime event, the date might seem irrelevant, or it might seem crucial depending on your wedding party and who can make it. But there are a lot of reasons surrounding the success of the event itself that you should always keep in mind before you book anything in. Have a read of our quick list of reasons you should choose a Summer wedding

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The Attire

The first reason to choose a Summer wedding is, plain and simply, the choice of beautiful attire. Whether you want to wear a crisp white dress and you want your bridesmaids in pastel shades of lilac or pink, or you want to put your own spin on traditional wedding wear and go for velvety reds or navy blues, there is no colour that clashes with Summer.

The colour palette

In Summer you can wear brighter, vivid colours that match up against all the gorgeous flowers around you. This is how you can create a vibrant atmosphere, and is probably a key reason as to why many people choose sunny locations for destination weddings!


In Summer, the daylight hours are longer and you have less of a time crunch to get everything wrapped up – summer evenings are lovely and relaxing. Additionally, your friends and family, if they work, are more likely to have more time off in the summer. Many of us want to invite everyone we love to our dream wedding but we don’t want to stress them out during an already-packed schedule. Summer is your best bet for a wedding that feels more like a beautiful opportunity rather than a tight obligation.

The Weather

In the warmer weather there is less need for jackets and planning for dresses to not get ruined in sudden downpours, too! It’s hot and sunny with clear blue skies, which is perfect for outdoor pictures and a warm, breezy reception in the setting sun. Your outdoor options are endless – you can choose a beach backdrop, a garden party, really anywhere that you can decorate for a wedding.

The Food

There is far more available local produce in Summer (in Spring fresh berries are only just coming in, but in Summer they are established). Take advantage of fresher food with light and refreshing summery salads and fruits, summery dessert, and light fizzy cocktails.

Get In Touch

The above are just a few reasons as to why you should choose a Summer wedding, but there are even more reasons why you should choose a professional caterer for your special day. Click here to check out that blog article, and in the meantime let us know how your wedding day should go by completing our enquiry form. We look forward to hearing all about it and helping you take the next steps in arranging the food!

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