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Get Your Office Christmas Party Catering Booked Now!

A gold bauble on a Christmas tree at an office Christmas party that is being catered from by Sadlergates.

It’s only September but that doesn’t mean we’ve got all the time in the world – popular party catering slots are being snatched up already! The early bird gets the worm and you may well find that your caterer of choice won’t be able to prepare delicious food for your office Christmas party if you wait around for too long. Here’s why you should think about your Christmas party catering ahead of time…

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Christmas Is A Special Time

Christmas only comes around once a year and many people adore this time of year – the lights, the tree, the (very slight!) chance of snow… it’s magical! And many people want absolutely everything to be just right at Christmas, even down to their choice of venue for their Christmas party. Think of it like a wedding event – at emotional and important times, venues get booked up fast!

Christmas Has Less Cancellations

Oftentimes, caterers can take event requests on shorter notice (and by shorter notice, we mean 2 weeks) due to event cancellations, but Christmas never gets cancelled. This means you should allow yourself much more time to get your booking in than with any other catered event, and consider the advance booking period longer than usual, with less of the usual cancellations freeing up those slots later on.

The Venue Could Be Very Popular

As all the companies in your town or city battle it out, many people in your area will likely have the same favourite venue and there could be steep competition meaning that your choice of party venue could be long gone by the time November rolls around. Take the risk of looking like a Christmas obsessive by booking now instead of trying to book too late!

More Guests Mean More Food

Professional caterers may be able to squeeze in a small booking at the last minute, but certainly not a large one. No matter how big your team is, a corporate office party is likely to be considered a large booking, and will need at least 2 weeks’ notice. This is because the more guests who will be attending equals a need for much more food, which needs longer to source and prepare, and which can mean catering for more dietary needs, too.

Book Your Christmas Party Catering Now!

It’s a bit early to start blasting the Christmas tunes, but you can never be too early to make a Christmas booking, so snag yours whilst you still can! Reservations fill up fast in the lead up to Christmas so late Summer and early Autumn is the perfect time to start speaking to office party caterers and see what we have to offer. Browse our menu by clicking here, and if you would like to speak directly to a member of our team, call us on 0115 647 6903 or complete our enquiry form here.

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