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Grazing Board Inspiration

Grazing boards are the perfect way to spice up any event, and add a touch of class to the buffet table. However finding the right mix of cheeses and produce can be a hassle, so here’s a few ideas to help you find the right grazing board for you and your guests. 

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Firstly, what is a grazing board? It’s a decorative tray of assorted foods and snacks, usually served to guests at an event. They are assembled before serving to keep the food fresh, and contain a variety of meats, cheese, fruits and dips. The aim is to make all of the food easily accessible, so tearing the food into smaller pieces and displaying them so they’re easy to grab, is the best way to go. But the most important thing is to get creative! Display the food in fun ways and use decorations like rosemary to fill gaps in the board. 

The Classic

The classic grazing board is a combination of many small finger foods, perfect for grabbing easily off the board. Foods included are usually cheeses, cured meats, fruits, crackers, breadsticks, nuts and a variety of dips. All the foods are usually a mixture of savoury and healthy. The classic board is good for any event, formal or informal, as it’s a fun and creative way to display food and will add a unique touch that your guests will appreciate. 

The Breakfast Board

This is a more casual board perfect for treating your friends and family, or yourself, to a delicious breakfast. You can include all of your morning favourites, like pastries and pancakes. You can also add fruits, cereals and spreads for the pastries. Add whatever you love in the mornings, and make it look pretty for the perfect breakfast grazing board. 

The Preference Board

The preference board is the same as the classic board, however, it’s been tailored to meet people’s food preferences. This could be  vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free or whatever you and your guests require. This is a great way to display yummy snacks, but still keeping people’s needs in mind. This can be applied to any grazing board theme, using gluten free pastries and alternative milks for a breakfast board, or quorn meat and more fruit on the regular grazing board.

The Dessert Board

This definitely strays away from the traditional grazing board, however, there are no rules when it comes to food. With this board all you have to do is add your favourite sweets and desserts and you’re done! Some options could be brownies, cupcakes, sweets, strawberries, raspberries and dips like chocolate sauce and peanut butter. Once again, get creative and create a grazing board that makes you happy! We have an amazing range of grazing boards so check out our menu to see what would suit you best, or feel free to contact our team and let us know what you’d like. 

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