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Pioneering at Sadlergates: Employees

Being a pioneer in your field isn’t just about your outward efforts, it’s about your internal efforts too. Creating a positive work environment can encourage people to flourish within themselves and their role within a business. You can’t create a successful business and be a true pioneer if there isn’t a balance between your internal and external efforts.

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Our Director Nathan Thomson is passionate about self development, about setting goals within the workplace but in your wider life as well. He strives to identify your strengths and build on them, giving you an opportunity to outwork your skills while also identifying areas of improvement. Creating a safe environment to outwork these things, take risks and step outside of the ‘box’.

At Sadlergates we often talk about our family values and ethos. This is because these views are at the foundation of everything we do and try to achieve. We strive to create a culture of collaboration, where everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinion and feel as though they will be heard. We encourage the sharing of ideas and taking risks, allowing everyone to contribute to us improving as a business. We also do our best to communicate with all of our employees, making sure they are aware of any plans or changes so they can continue to work as efficiently as possible.

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