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3 Reasons To Choose A Winter Wedding

A winter wedding with christmas themed catering decoration

If you’ve just finished our article on reasons to choose an Autumn wedding, welcome! If you are still unsure about what season to place your wedding date in, we’ve rounded up a few of our top reasons why Winter weddings can be absolutely spectacular. Keep reading to find out!

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Easier Weather

First of all, with the winter weather, plain and simply you know what you’ll be getting. No planning for sleeveless dresses and crossing your fingers for no sudden showers; you know that it will be cold and windy, and you can make plans with that certainty. It’s much easier to plan when you err on the side of caution and simply have an indoor wedding. In fact, you may as well wish for a scattering of snow and if you do get settled snow you’ll get a snowy backdrop when you pop outdoors for wintry pictures!

More Availability

From December through to February, there are less weddings generally (more people opt for weddings during the warmer months). Which means you will find far better venue availability and selection, which really means you’ll have first pick!


Travel and accommodation costs can be a lot more affordable in the winter, which is crucial for your guests. Similar to Summer weddings in which your loved ones may be more likely to have more free time to attend in the summer, it’s also more likely that everyone can make it to a Winter wedding (unless it’s over Christmas!), thanks to the traditional 1-2 week shutdown of many workplaces and services. You can even make the most of the cheaper winter prices to have a sunny destination honeymoon!

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Winter weddings can certainly be styled as more dramatic, with frostier colour palettes and cool décor. Warm fairy lights and festive back lighting can all make the day feel a bit more magical, especially with Christmas or New Year in the air. But the icing on the (wedding) cake must be calling a professional catering team to handle all of the food on the day!

In the winter period, there can be much better caterer availability and more versatile meal choices within a smaller range of local produce to work with. Winter puddings and hearty warming meals can be more satisfying, and much more popular in the colder months. Look through our extensive menu to get started!

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