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3 Reasons To Choose Autumn For Your Nottingham Wedding

A couple celebrating their marriage to show why they chose to have an autumn wedding in Nottingham.When you think of a wedding, you might automatically think of a blue-sky backdrop and a beaming sun. But there are plenty of reasons to choose the other seasons for your dream wedding, too. Here is a quick rundown on the top reasons to choose an Autumn wedding in Nottingham.

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Amazing Scenery

The first reason to hold a beautiful marriage ceremony in the season of Autumn has to be the beautiful autumn colours on display. Autumn has a mystical quality to it, with its proximity to Halloween offering a backdrop of orange pumpkins and mistier air. When you celebrate your vows in the Autumn months, your wedding will seem more unique and special.

Autumn weather is not too hot nor too cold and is quite stable and predictable, so you can either plan to wear jackets and coats alongside your wedding attire, or not. It’s not too cold to have a barbecue, either! If it’s close to Bonfire Night you can lean into that theme and even have fireworks and sparklers.

Nottingham is a great city for an Autumn wedding because the weather is usually predictable, and we have less harsh winds that can make outdoor weddings tricky.

Perfect Photos

Autumn is rustic and photographers can work magic with that gorgeous Autumn light, especially in the golden hour. Across the background which you can already fill with pumpkins, sunflowers are still out and about in October and November, as are other Autumn flowers like Chinese lanterns, chrysanthemums and dahlias. You can even bring in earlier winter décor with more of the bluer skies of the end of summer, and have an early Christmas-themed wedding before it even hits December! Of course, being close to Halloween, delicate shades of purple are a perfect complement to all those yellows and oranges.

Delicious Warming Food

Now we come to the wedding food. Of course, Autumn is the season of root vegetables (not to mention pumpkins yet again!) and this includes potatoes, carrots, and all other vegetables that roast very nicely! You could serve mashed potato or roasted sweet potato fries or a warm and spicy sweet potato salad. You could even incorporate the root vegetables into a vegetable curry or chilli. For other wedding catering ideas, browse our menu.

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For a dedicated catering team across the East Midlands who will delight in catering your Autumn wedding, Sadlergates are all you need! Click here to take a look at our menu and if you have bespoke dietary requirements, just let us know by filling out our enquiry form. Tell us how many guests you will be having at your wedding, and then we’ll discuss the finer details of your special day!

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