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The date that you set for your wedding is very important – you want to give it plenty of time so that all of your guests can make travel arrangements, and you may want to have an outdoor wedding which isn’t always a great idea in Autumn and Winter! In this article, we’ll take a quick peek at why Spring, with all of its new flowers, makes a great time of year to finally tie the knot!

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Firstly, wedding venues are in full bloom in the Spring. You might see tulips, bluebells and snowdrops in March and April, trees have new baby leaves on after a cold Winter, the skies are bluer, and the weather is crisp and fresh. If the wedding venue has cherry blossom trees, by the time Spring rolls around they will be covered in beautiful pale pink cherry blossoms. This can all make a gorgeous backdrop to your wedding, and you can even plan bridesmaid dresses to colour-coordinate with it all.

Secondly, because Spring weather is so mild, you can safely plan the day to be outside. You can choose from a range of foods, such as a barbecue, fresh salads, fruit bowls, ice cream, afternoon teas – and all of the food (and flowers) can be fresher in the Spring, as there is more local produce available. As you get into May and June, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries start to grow locally, and go perfectly with meringue or vanilla ice cream for elegant wedding desserts.

Finally, professional wedding catering companies have more time in the Spring, which makes it much easier to book. There are far less time constraints, meaning you’ll need to give less notice, too. If you choose Sadlergates as your professional wedding caterer for a Spring wedding, you’ll only need to give two weeks’ notice!

As a bonus, Spring weddings just have a symbolism to them of new beginnings, making it the perfect time to get married and start the next chapter of your lives together!

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If you are planning a Spring wedding in Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield or Leicester, it’s not too late to book a full catering service for the day. If you have already booked your venue, fill out our enquiry form. Let us know when and where you will be holding your wedding, and how many guests will be attending. Browse our menu and include your food preferences, including dietary restrictions, in your message to us. Once we have all of your information, we will come back to you and we can discuss your wedding catering in more detail.

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