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Why Having Your Wedding In The Summer Is The Easiest Decision You’ll Make!

A close of flowers and a bride and groom display to show why summer is the most popular time for a wedding

Planning the most important day of your life comes with a unique set of pressures. Naturally, you want everything to be perfect – the right venue, the right guests, the right caterers for the wedding, great music and dancing. It’s a lot to worry about. But perhaps the first consideration is when to host the big day.

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Summer is typically the most beautiful time of year to host a wedding, with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. This popularity is why it’s usually more expensive, but we think that a summer wedding is more than worth the extra investment.

Here’s why…

More varied venue choices

Summer weddings provide couples with more venue options, from outdoor gardens to spectacular themed open spaces. It’s also the most popular season for weddings, meaning vendors, venues and wedding catering companies are more readily available (if you book well in advance).

More enjoyable for guests

Guests tend to enjoy summer weddings more than those held at other times of year. That’s not to say that a winter wedding can’t be stunning. But in the summer guests can take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days. Summer weddings provide a more relaxed atmosphere and mean guests have the opportunity to dress more casually, rather than worrying about staying warm.

More food and flower choices

The summer is the growing season in the UK, meaning you’ll have a much bigger choice of local ingredients for your wedding catering, as well as more flower options. This means you have a lot more scope when choosing the menu and colour scheme for your special day – especially if you want to keep things local.

It’s all about the dress

Let’s face it, for the bride a big part of the wedding day is looking stunning in your dream dress. And a summer wedding means more chance of sunshine (it’s never guaranteed – this is the UK after all). But it also makes it much less likely that you’ll need to cover up the dress with a jacket at any point during the day. And, of course, the same applies to grooms too (although probably to a lesser degree).

Making memories

Obviously, you want to remember your big day, which is why wedding photos and videos are a must. Generally, the summer provides the best chance of being bathed in beautiful sunshine and light to create the perfect wedding photos you’ll be looking at for years to come.

Sadlergates Catering provides high-quality and dependable catering services for weddings of all sizes by offering various packages to suit your requirements. If you’d like to know more about our services for wedding catering in Nottingham and beyond, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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